Quality Over Quantity: Elements of a Successful Website

Charlotte Baker


Published on 14th March 2022


It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The roadmap to success lies within quality and not quantity. Time is the only way to gain the necessary experience and it’s pretty safe to say we’ve earned that as we’ve been in the business of developing websites for over a decade now. Being able to know the landscape and not being myopic allowed us to make better decisions about creating quality websites as we’re aware of what’s out there. Like many things in life, there are no shortcuts; patience, discipline and dedication are required. 

Elements of a successful website

A lot of time and effort goes into developing a website and we’ve curated a list of elements which are needed in order for that work not to go to waste. A few mistakes could drive off potential customers. If you’re not communicating the right things to your visitors in the right way, your website won’t perform well, but it’s easy to fix. As the saying goes, “more is not always better”. 

Here are a few must-have elements of a successful website that will convert visitors into customers.

1. Home Page

Here is where visitors make their first impression of your website and business as a whole as it’s the first thing visitors usually see. Therefore, it should clearly state who you are and what you do. It should also include easy and intuitive navigation to more information that visitors are looking for. You want to make it easy for visitors to understand your offering. 

Many businesses get their homepage wrong as they try to be clever about it and not clear and end up pushing would-be customers away because they aren’t sure what they actually do. Always choose clear over clever.

2. Content

It’s important to have quality content on your website instead of waffling on. Each web page should offer content that gives helpful information to build relationships, solve problems, earn trust and explain your services.

Visitors are coming onto your website because they’re looking for something; an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, or advice on how to do something.

The goal is to be established as the go-to source of information and answers in your field of expertise.

3. Tell A Story

Incorporating great user experience and user interface design into your website is a must nowadays. These two elements coupled together enable you to tell a story to your visitors as with great navigation comes the ability to browse your website’s interface and content with ease.

4. Social Proof

Gain trust and get results with well placed social proofs like reviews and testimonials. They work because it shows a third-party person explaining the value you offer instead of you going on about how great you are. It will solidify that you’re an expert in your field.

5. Clear CTA’s

Tell visitors exactly what actions they need to take to receive what you offer. Anywhere your visitor can take some sort of action give them a call to action. Some actions might include buying your products, signing up to your email list, following you on socials, or commenting on posts. If you don’t lead your visitors to action, you’re leaving money on the table.

Most visitors won’t be ready to complete a purchase just yet, therefore make sure to give them an opportunity to sign up to your newsletter. This is done best by offering a simple lead magnet, like a guide or a checklist in exchange for their email. 

Many businesses skip this crucial step. 

Finally, make sure your website has up to date contact information, your privacy policy, terms of service, etc. This will show you’re a legit and trustworthy company offering value.

Throughout 2021, we completed a number of web development projects which have taught us a thing or two about what to include in regards to the design and development of a successful website. Read on below to have a look at some of our past projects of 2021. 

Think’s 2021 Website Portfolio

Motus Truck & Van

A responsive microsite which connects employees to one another.

iGaming Capital

Malta’s first online iGaming news portal. It’s also a high profile bi-annual publication which focuses entirely on the iGaming industry. The industry has grown exponentially on the island in recent years. We were tasked with the branding and creation of a professional website.

Malta CEO’s

An informative portal related to Malta’s business leaders. We produced a highbrow platform which showcases Malta’s leading CEOs, as well as a corporate logotype.

Zen Sushi

Malta’s first online sushi takeaway website that’s integrated with a rewards marketing platform; Loyale. Customers can order sushi on the go wherever they are, count their calories, get points, track their orders and enjoy faster delivery straight to their door.


VeeGeeBee is one of Malta’s leading paint and art supplies stores. When developing this website we seamlessly merged two stores; ‘art’ and ‘paint’ into one. One unique feature is that the website is integrated with their POS system.

Business Now

An online portal related to all things business. It is backed by a large group of business editors, journalists, writers, digital marketing strategists and business development executives.


A rewards marketing platform proven to increase customer retention rates by being a direct channel to customers and offering rewards for their purchases both online and offline. This platform is more than just a rewards scheme as it collects informative data which can be used to drive marketing and sales decisions.

Refalo Advocates

Refalo Advocates partnered with us to create a user-friendly corporate website. As a leading law firm in Malta of certified lawyers, Refalo Advocates offers a vast range of legal services. An aspect of which was at the core of the branding and web development process and which was highlighted within the corporate website. 

New ventures ahead

2021 was a challenging year with many obstacles which we overcame and this year seems to be no different. Being well into the fourth month of the year, this year has already given its fair share of obstacles which we are currently navigating through. However, we will persevere.

If you’re looking to develop a new website or find out more about the topic you’ve clicked on the right article.

However, feel free to get in touch with us, by filling in the contact form.