Loyalty Integrated Ecommerce website

Zen to Go


Malta’s first take-away sushi restaurant to have it’s own website and mobile application that also includes a rewards marketing platform, Loyale.

Customers can order sushi on the go wherever they are, count their calories, get points, track their orders and enjoy faster delivery straight to their door.

Besides allowing signed in users to save their favourite items on the menu for quicker access it also enables users to add entire previous orders to their basket. The website is deeply integrated with Loyale, a rewards marketing platform developed by us. Users can get rewarded with points for every purchase. They can then redeem the points as cash on their next purchase or save them for future purchases. Resulting in a large percentage of users returning time and time again.

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The website is visually appealing, its use of the brand’s primary colours orange and white make it stand out. The psychological properties of orange in relation to the food industry are the following; ‘energised’, ‘fun’, ‘bold’ and ‘optimistic’. All of which can be used to describe the brand. Moreover, orange encourages impulse and comes off to some as a comfort colour. The website’s layout utilises the space available making it visually appealing. White was used to break up the website into sections making it easy for users to navigate through. The brand’s accent colours are used to carve out different sections of the website, whilst beautiful imagery is used in the menu section to differentiate between each piece/roll of sushi.

The Zen to Go mobile application and website is used daily by hundreds of people to order lunch or dinner effortlessly. Users can opt to get their order delivered to their desired address or pick it up from a Zen to Go outlet which is most convenient for them. Efficiency was top of mind when designing and developing the website. From the moment users land on the homepage to the moment they check out the user experience is second to none. The user flow is clear, simple and intuitive, guiding any user to get to the checkout stage easily.

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