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We listened, we reacted and we’re ready to deliver. We want to help you get your store online and help you engage with your customers by rewarding them for their purchases with a digital loyalty platform so that your business can continue to thrive at an affordable price within a week.

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It’s simpler than you think

Online stores are effective no matter what. Whether your business is small, large, new or established, our team can build your website so that you are able to continue selling your products. With 14 years of experience, we have created a process which is affordable and customisable. We will also couple your website with a proven loyalty platform to help your customers return to your store. Your store will also feature on the loyale app, thereby increasing your brand visibility.


We’ll make it easy for your customers to find your products


We’ll make sure that the purchase process is simple & efficient


Reward your loyal customers with points, discounts or offers

Customisable to your needs

Our eCommerce solutions range from core standard features and functionality while remaining completely customizable to your specific needs. We expertly balance our websites with a good design, that incorporates brand identity, functionality and usability.

Fully Responsive

Your website will be accessible from all devices

Safe and Secure

All your products and sales are completely secure


We’re here to help, we’re only a call away

Simple & Easy

You can update your products with a few simple clicks

Introduce loyalty to your online store

We understand that in these times you don't only want your customer to purchase once but you want them to engage with your brand and return. If you register your interest now for an online store we are ready to give you 3 months free on our Loyalty Rewards platform, loyale. Everything will be integrated with your website and you’ll be able to opt-out whenever you want. Loyale provides an easy way to award points to your customers, be it a purchase, a birthday or even joining your scheme.

Loyalty Tiers

Show your most loyal customers how much they meant to you. Keep your best customers engaged by giving them goals to achieve to reach the next tier and unlock better awards.

Send & Share Points

Allow your customers to send and share points. They can share points to existing users or invite their friends to join if they have bit signed up yet.


Let your customers know that they have been credited with extra points due to their recent purchase.


Easily award points to your customers, be it a purchase, a birthday or even joining your scheme.


Why not reward your customers by creating a referral scheme and awarding them when their friends have signed up?

Keep your customers engaged

Improve your brand loyalty with our user-friendly reward platform. The Loyale platform allows you to manage your rewards scheme efficiently and allow you to take total control of your customers loyalty by making real time changes, manage your members, and see actionable program insights all in one convenient place.

Financial Aid

We are a registered service provider allowing SME’s to benefit from e-commerce grants which include [non-repayable Grants ] part-financing of up to 50% of the eligible expenditure on investment for developing an e-commerce website or mobile application (find out how to apply here). One can also opt for the Micro Invest initiative whereby SME’s can benefit from a tax credit equivalent to 45% of the investment cost (find out if you’re eligible here).

Built on proven technologies

We work with top brands

and help them reach their goals through their
digital presence on a day to day basis

  • Alf Mizzi
  • Camilleri Preziosi
  • Citadel Plc
  • Content House
  • Da Vinci Hospital
  • Frank Salt
  • Hili Company
  • Hili Ventures
  • Hudson Holdings
  • IPS
  • UOM
  • Mariner
  • Methode
  • Motors Inc
  • Playmobil
  • The Malta Chamber of Commerce
  • Tigne Point
  • Toyota
  • Ursulino
  • Ursulino
  • Ursulino
  • Ursulino
  • Ursulino
  • Ursulino
  • Ursulino
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