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eCommerce websites are online portals that facilitate online transactions of goods and services. Therefore, having an eCommerce website opens a portal of opportunities for your business to grow and reach new customers. An eCommerce website allows companies to showcase their products. Whilst also allowing visitors to browse their merchandise, add items to their cart and check out swiftly and efficiently. 

Add unlimited amounts of products and manage them with our easy to use interface giving you complete control over how your products are arranged. Give your customers a great experience with the use of detailed product listings with embedded videos, images and related products. Showcase your products organised by category. Help your customers find exactly what they are looking for with intuitive menus. This step also makes it easier when it comes to re-using product items in blog posts and email marketing. Have the ability to schedule the appearance of your products to a specified date.

Get ahead with sales and promotions, for example; seasonal products. Managing your inventory is simple and stress free as our interface offers the ability to easily view stock levels, add and edit products, automatically display alerts about limited stock levels to customers, as well as allowing you to sync your inventory API with your commerce platform. 

Some examples of the most important features to include in an eCommerce website are the following;

Content management capabilities

Offering our clients the ability to edit the content within them. We ensure that our clients are knowledgeable on how to do so by providing some basic training.

Promotion and discount tools

We offer the option to incorporate a loyalty platform, Loyale from which you’d be able to create promotions and discounts and target them directly to your customers.

SEO optimised content and code

The marketing and development team will ensure that your website is optimised to its fullest potential, including SEO.

Email marketing features

Integrate your website with plugins such as Mailchimp in order to provide these services.

Multiple payment options

Incorporate plugins such as WooCommerce, Shopify and many more.

Responsive design

Our websites are designed with modern browsers in mind so your store will look great on every device, every time.

In summary, having an eCommerce website opens up a portal of opportunities for your business to grow and reach new customers. Our eCommerce solutions start from core standard features and functionality to completely customisable websites that suit your specific needs.

We know the importance for businesses to have a website that is as enticing as their products. Leave it to us to create the web store you and your clients will love.

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Business-to-Business (B2B)

Electronic transactions of goods and services between companies.


Business-To-Consumer (B2C)

Digital transactions of goods and services between companies and consumers.


Consumer-To-Consumer (C2C)

Digital transactions of goods and services between consumers, mostly through a third party.


Consumer-To-Business (C2B)

Electronic transactions of goods and services where individuals offer products or services to companies.

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