2021: Year in Review

Charlotte Baker


Published on 3rd January 2022


As the year has come and gone, we’d like to take the opportunity to reflect upon all the challenging yet triumphant opportunities that 2021 has brought to Think. Let’s recap our proudest moments for the past year in our 2021 year in review.

Employee Expansion

This year we were lucky enough to take on a number of new employees which specialise in various fields from design and marketing to development and customer care. These new additions have been beneficial to the increase in awareness in our company as well as the new improvements to our website as well as our social media presence.

Exciting New Partnerships

Over the past twelve months we were lucky enough to have made fantastic partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the business over the past year.

Zen Sushi To Go

This year we partnered with Zen Sushi and developed a website as well as mobile application that incorporated Loyale, our rewards marketing platform. The Zen Sushi to Go website is used daily by hundreds of people to order lunch or dinner effortlessly. The user can opt to get their order delivered to their desired address or pick it up from a Zen to Go outlet which is most convenient for them. The site has been specifically designed to be as efficient as possible from the moment the user lands on the homepage to the moment they check out. The user flow is clear, simple and intuitive, guiding any user to get to the checkout stage easily. 

Besides allowing signed in users to save their favourite items on the menu for quicker access it also enables users to add entire previous orders to their basket. The  Zen Sushi to Go website is deeply integrated with Loyale, a rewards system developed by Think. Users are rewarded with points for every purchase, they can then redeem the points as cash on their next purchase or save them for future purchases. This usually results in a large percentage of users returning time and time again.


Another milestone of note was partnering with Welbee’s on their mobile application which once again featured Loyale. Welbee’s supermarket is an amalgamation of four of Malta’s leading supermarkets under one roof, namely;  Park Towers, Valyou, Tower & Trolees. We were tasked with creating their rewards marketing platform so as to keep their customers engaged and coming back for more. We used our API to create a custom built application to enable Welbee’s to reward their loyal customers. The application was launched back in November and Welbee’s were running their Christmas campaign through the application with double cashback through the month of December. 


VeeGeeBee is one of Malta’s leading paint and art supplies store. Just like their two stores are linked physically with their brick and mortar stores, we wanted to carry on this partnership between them to the online world, creating one website wherein both stores could be found. This not only benefited the client as it enabled them to store all their products under one ‘roof’, one website. It also benefited their customers as it enabled them to shop from both stores at the same time with easy navigation between the two.

What The Future Holds

As we look back on our 2021 year in review, we’re excited about what the new year has to offer. We aim to continue to deliver an even higher standard of work in the year to come. Is developing a website or mobile application one of your business goals for the new year? Find out more about how we can help.