MVPs: Why a Quick Win can be Beneficial



Published on 9th April 2020


An MVP with an eye on the future

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and that all that is built quickly will come crumbling down. However, at times a quick win or a minimum viable product (MVP) is the ideal way forward. The current situation is a perfect example of this as the loss of business one would incur would be too large to not act quickly.

Put the Core value proposition into view

Starting with an MVP, you force your value proposition to be simply, concretely and (somewhat) narrowly defined. It forces you to analyse your vision’s scope and depth, and determine exactly what value you want to offer your ideal customer and what will give you the biggest return.

Reduce Redesign

Bringing your product to the market quickly ensures that your marketing strategy and distribution channels can also be checked sooner. Until you eventually improve and scale your product, you can ensure that all facets of your offering work well.

By taking an agile approach and ticking off the most important points one can mitigate the loss and then enhance as you go along. You can be more flexible and sensitive to the demand if you keep your initial product release minimal and your subsequent releases gradual.

Establish Client Relationships Faster

Moving quickly can allow you to create relationships with customers sooner. Early adopters are more likely to provide input on desired improvements or enhancements which will help you validate your value proposition sooner. This feedback can also help you create a smarter, market-informed roadmap for your company.

Give attention to important market functions

Finally, if your current offering is not working the investment in your MVP will be far less than a fully-fledged system and this would allow you to pivot your strategy and change your offering. Every process needs to be analysed to either be improved or overhauled.

Time for a win

We want to help. With our lean UX process, we help you design an MVP, and once that is done we analyse and decide which is the next feature that needs to be implemented. We do this with the data we bring back from our efforts, the tools we install and the years of experience we’ve accumulated, which help us make informed decisions on what to do next.

Even though we’ll help you achieve a quick win, we’re in it for the long haul.

Contact us and let’s schedule a meeting to find out how we can push your business forward.