Top 3 Web Development Stereotypes To Break NOW



Published on 18th April 2018


I am not sure who you are but, for the sake of this article, I will assume you are NOT a web developer. My apologies if you are one, please do not feel discouraged from further reading because you might actually be the one to agree or disagree with my statements.

Scrolling down through the endless lines of unreadable codes that look either like a bunch of random letters and signs put together by mistake or a cypher to the NASA’s most protected database? Well, we have all been there and seen that. No matter how abstract JS, CSS and HTML sound to you, thanks to those (and plenty of other) languages we can enjoy (most of the times) beautiful and functional websites.

Having this already quite vague understanding of the web developers’ language, it is time to break the most common stereotypes about the process of developing websites. It will not only help take you “behind the scenes” of creating your own website but will also provide you with hints for the further use of it. Since web development is not a piece of cake, we need to clarify what this big deal is all about and debunk a few myths.

1. Only web developers can maintain and update your website

Yes, as we have agreed already, web developers speak the kind of language that a regular user might not be familiar with, to say the least, but it does not mean they rule your website. Let’s approach this issue more logically: why would your web developer be in constant control of your site and charge you for every little change they make if you can simply do it yourself?

Naturally, there are issues that you probably will not be able of handling yourself. This is when your superhero developer comes and saves you. However, there are plenty of situations where you can fix the problem yourself. All you need is an appropriate, user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that will put all this coded information in a more acquirable language. You do not have to think and speak a programming language since your CMS will save you the trouble. And money. What takes us to the next stereotypical misconception that…

2. A high-quality website costs a lot of money.

Now, when we understand that controlling a website does not always require the help of web developers, we can easily bust another myth. Yes, it is granted that websites can cost thousands of <put=“preferred currency”> but it is not right to say that there is no way to complete a development process without becoming broke. Planning ahead your website will save you from additional costs, as well as from unplanned obstacles. Knowing what you expect from both your web developer and your website will ensure a smooth and successful project. Compared to other advertising costs, websites are highly affordable and can bring a great return on investment (ROI). Save time, money and stress by making sure there will be no surprising costs after the project takes off.

3. Web development is a totally separate, unrelated to other digital services process.

If you were to think of a typical digital agency and the services it offers, you would probably come up with names like UI/UX, SEO or digital marketing. Naturally, they are all somehow related to each other. However, what about building a website from scratch by using the already mentioned languages that you will definitely not hear on the street? Indeed, website developers collaborate on a regular basis with teams of graphic designers and content writers to deliver best solutions for the use of the website. Although we may see the final effect in a form of pleasing colours, funky fonts and witty posts, there is more to it than meets the eye. Behind the visually appealing websites, there is a structure that provides possibilities to implement templates and contents preferred by users. Having said that, the myth is announced to be BUSTED.

Bearing in mind all that has been mentioned, it feels necessary to discuss Think’s approach toward the process of developing websites. Having operated on an in-house built CMS, we make sure that our clients not only get access to their websites but are able to seamlessly edit and navigate throughout its features, regardless of their programming skills. The clients get a clear picture of what to expect, how the success will be achieved. They become familiarised with the timeline of the process.

Keeping in touch with our clients allows for the trouble-free collaboration, from which both sides benefit. A clear and consistent communication between the teams of creatives and programmers leads to top-notch results. Oh, and money-wise you have nothing to worry about. We believe that the more you know the better, and for this reason, we always guarantee total disclosure with regard to costs of the entire process.

Ready for a new challenge? Whether you already have a website or you are planning to launch one – let us help you! Let’s have a chat and see what we can do to make your present or future website look and work great!