Mobile Applications: Is it time for your business to catch up?



Published on 13th November 2019


Smartphone users spend over three hours of their day using their device. That’s over 20 hours in a week. Research shows that 90% of all smartphone activities happen over applications. What’s more, users are spending more money on mobile apps than web pages. So is it time for your business to catch up?

The core question you need to answer before taking the leap is straightforward – what added value can I offer to my customers? Start by understanding the issues your customers are facing and how you can introduce services which will solve that.

Perhaps the greatest edge a mobile application can offer is a seamless experience for the user. With easy payment gateways and less steps to follow, a user’s transition through the purchase funnel can be smoother. Once a customer manages to purchase the product/service in a hassle-free and speedy manner, he is much more likely to return, and even better, recommend it to others. You can also choose to reward returning customers through loyalty programmes, which are easily facilitated through an app.

The digital world has drastically changed the way companies communicate with their customers and a mobile application can help you keep in touch on a regular basis. Important announcements such as new or changed services/products or changes in opening hours can be quickly communicated through features such as push notifications. With detailed insights about your customer behaviour, you can choose to personalize messages according to the customer’s preferences. This will allow you to spend less on advertisements and other promotion, while it allows you to interact with your customers beyond the purchase.

Features on your mobile apps can also help you significantly improve your customer support, allowing you to deal with customers’ enquiries faster and more efficiently. With real-time feedback about customer engagement, downloads and features used, you can have a clear indication of what it is your customers are interested in and what needs improving, allowing you to make the customer experience better. You will also have the opportunity to get immediate feedback from customers, through reviews, polls and possibility to report errors.

A mobile app is the perfect billboard for your brand. With users spending so much time on their smartphone, having an app allows them to come across your brand multiple times a day, allowing it to slowly become imprinted in their mind. Think of it as the alternative to distributing promotional items.

Developing a mobile app can open up new possibilities for your business, which can ultimately grow your customer base. Start by understanding what it is you’re after and speak to a developer to explore new ways in which you can conduct your business.

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