6 Linkedin Hacks To Grow Your Customer Base

As of July 2022, Linkedin has at least 849 million members around the world and the numbers are growing every week, so here are the best ways to capitalise on that audience.

1. Become a storyteller

Create two Linkedin accounts, one as a founder and the other as a brand. People love stories, whether they’re successful or not. Share personal moments, photos, anything that makes you more human as a CEO. Talk about what went wrong in the business, lessons, tough learnings anything that might make your audience connect with you and likewise

2. Utilise growth tools

All social media marketers can agree with one thing — the acute lack of time with limited bandwidth. There are endless parallel activities that have to be planned, executed, and monitored. We’re in an era where most things can be done quicker with the right tools. It’s hard and time-consuming to put all your eggs in the basket of organic growth. A few of the best ones —SocialPilot, an affordable tool which allows you to post on multiple platforms. Hypefurry helps you drum up content ideas. Either way, they’ll help save tons of time.

3. Post saveable content threads

Whether you’re a startup or a fully flagged company, you’ll have learned things most people will never have had to worry about. However, there’s a huge audience on Linkedin trying to build their own side hustles, who could benefit from what you’ve already experienced. Create educational content that your product supports. For example, you’ve created a rewards marketing platform, regularly posting about the benefits and advantages of having one will likely gain you more followers than posting about your product updates. Once your posts benefit your customers, they’ll start to want to hear what you have to say. 

4. Sell an idea not a product 

So you’ve recently launched an automated digital marketing product that writes digital marketing campaigns for you. That’s great, but what’s it in for your customers? Do they care that it’s forecasted to be 2023’s product of the year? No, do they care that it will cost them X amount of time and money or increase their conversion rates by X%? You need to sell costumes for the outcome of what you do. 

5. Create a lead magnet

You’ll have definitely unknowingly signed up to a lead magnet by now. Lead magnets use the carrot on the stick method, they offer something for free in order to capture your email address. They send you the freebie then follow it up with regular emails filled with marketing promotions. It’s simple but highly effective. Put your lead magnet out there, start gathering email addresses and turn them into potential customers 

6. Utilise people of social influence

Ideally, as a founder you build your personal brand to become a person of social influence. In the meanwhile, you need to work with those who already are. They possess an engaged audience therefore consider how you can integrate your brand into their tone of voice. It’s important to remember that people buy from people before they buy from brands therefore giving the influencer full creative control will benefit you.

Closing thoughts

Customer acquisition has changed a lot in recent years. The term ‘user generated content’ wasn’t even a thing a couple of years ago, but now more than ever these new customer purchase behaviours are what you need to tap into, because it’s an easy way to generate leads online. 


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