2022: Year in Review

Charlotte Baker


Published on 2nd January 2023


Yet another year has come to an end and what a successful twelve months it’s been. We’d like to make light of what we’ve achieved and the projects we’ve worked on throughout the year. Without further ado, here’s our 2022 year in review.

Highlights of the Year

We started the year off strong with the release of Welbee’s supermarket mobile application within which we integrated Loyale, our rewards marketing platform. The application enables users to review their loyalty points, available coupons and gift cards and more. It also enables Welbee’s to gather valuable customer data such as purchase behaviour, all of which is used to create personalised marketing campaigns. Targeting specific customer segments or individual customers alike. 

Following on from this we were entrusted with the launch campaign for Dizz Rewards, a mobile application developed by us at Think which again included an integration with Loyale. The OOH marketing campaign included a large electronic billboard featuring the campaign’s artwork within Malta’s largest shopping mall, The Point. Running alongside this were posters within the changing rooms of their stores as well as on the alarm poles. The campaign directly influenced the large amount of new customers onboarding onto the rewards program. We came up with the tagline ‘Shop Dizz, Get Rewarded’ for this campaign. 

Around mid way through the year we released The Strickland House Residence’s brand. The Strickland House Residences are located at the former Times of Malta printing press, now transformed into thirty seven beautifully designed, luxurious residential units. These homes form part of history, in a city that’s considered to be one of Europe’s finest, rich in culture and tradition. The Strickland House logo is composed of an elegant mark and traditional serif typeface inspired and constructed directly from elements found on the building’s facade. The brand’s main colours are a muted burnt orange and a dark charcoal. Together, they portray a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Another milestone of note was the release of Hansa Wines & Spirit’s ecommerce website. With over thirty years of experience in offering quality products, services and prices Hansa Wines and Spirits entrusted us to design and develop their website to continue this experience in the digital world. The team at Hansa wanted the website to encapsulate Hansa’s aesthetic and values in order for it to transport you into the world of wines and spirits online just as if you were in a store. We believe we’ve achieved this and created a fully immersive experience with the new website and whilst also integrating with our rewards platform, Loyale in order to create mutually beneficial experiences with existing and new customers. Customers can now get rewarded for their purchases and are able to benefit from any coupons issued by Hansa.

One more project which we closed off during the year was GAP Homes. GAP Homes have been building premium properties across the Maltese Islands for over 20 years. Not only did we design and develop their new website however we were also entrusted to take over their social media management and digital marketing campaigns. Forging a long lasting relationship with the company, we’ve solidified GAP Homes digital presence and continue to do so. 

Golden Gate’s eCommerce website is another project worth mentioning as it catapulted the company and brand into the digital world enabling their costumes to purchase a whole spectrum of stationery, from scholastic to corporate online. Established in 1951, Golden Gate is a family run business attaining considerable experience within the stationery and printing industry. We revamped their website with a new design and focused on streamlining the user experience. We improved the discoverability and searchability of products, the check-out functionality and the ability to allocate multiple pricing tiers for different customers. In addition, we integrated our rewards marketing platform, Loyale, in order for Golden Gate to be able to reward their customers for their purchases as well as collect valuable customer data.

As the year was coming to an end we closed off a number of different projects such as Caseware, Ponder & Pitch, Sailing Charters Malta, Join.Remax, SMB Beauty, Constantin Capital Limited and Constantin Capital Advisors. All of which were a feat in their own right and were enjoyable projects to work on.

Looking forward

We hope to continue fostering long term relationships with our current and future clients. We want to thank all of our clients and friends for their unwavering support, as we could not have achieved our milestones without you. We’ve had an interesting year and are eager to see what the new year brings!