Strickland House


The Strickland House Residences are located at the former Times of Malta printing press, now transformed into thirty seven beautifully designed, luxurious residential units.

These homes form part of history, in a city that’s considered to be one of Europe’s finest, rich in culture and tradition. The project aims to keep the harmony between the dramatic topography and the Hippodamian grid of the city. The Strickland House Residences will represent a high-quality living opportunity and lifestyle which has to date not been available in Valletta. Therefore, bearing these elements of tradition and culture we were tasked with designing and developing not only a website but also a brand.

The Strickland House logo is composed of an elegant mark and traditional serif typeface inspired and constructed directly from elements found on the building’s facade. The brand’s main colours are a muted burnt orange and a dark charcoal. Together, they portray a sense of luxury and sophistication. The primary typography was chosen as its angles and curves bear a stark resemblance to the bold features on the buildings facade. Whilst the secondary typeface was chosen to create contrast between the two.

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