Top 3 UI Techniques Users Dislike the Most

UI, User Interface design is the design of websites, computers, appliances, mobile devices and software applications with the focus on the users’ experience and interaction. Mastering UI is important for several reasons; the more intuitive the user interface the easier it is to use.

UI design can offer several wonderful abilities but what are the things users hate the most?

1. Popups

Most of us probably know this feeling; you open a new website and approximately after 0.238 seconds a huge overlay asks you to subscribe. In most cases, all you want to do is close the entire page and forget about the content you came there for. The reason for popups is obvious: sometimes they can hook a user to take action but this technique can have a huge negative impact.  A better option would be to allow a user to do whatever was important to them and kindly suggest something in the end. No one likes too pushy.

2. Infinite scrolling

Infinite scrolling is a technique where users are forced to scroll through a ton of content with no finishing line in sight. No navigation menus or shortcuts. This technique simply keeps refreshing a page when you scroll down. As easy and tempting as inserting every single word to same page might sound,  just don’t do it. For users, the experience of not seeing the finishing line and not being able to bookmark gives an instant negative vibe. Users are also less likely to return to a infinite scrolling website. If you are onto establishing something like Twitter or Instagram where people generally scroll not looking for anything, please go ahead but if you want your users to receive value from your website, consider a more consistent layout.

3. Push notifications

If you were asked to recall the latest push notification you received, could you? Me neither. The amount of notifications and messages we receive on a daily basis from various apps has gone up to ridiculousness. Push notifications, especially unwanted ones tend to distract and annoy the user,  why go down that path? However, when done right notifications can be useful, relevant and timely but consider carefully if you are giving enough value for the interruption. There is serious risks involved. Unwanted and annoying notifications are a reason why whopping 71% of users would uninstall a mobile app.


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