KwikSave Got Saved Quick

Charlotte Baker


Published on 17th June 2022


As a company that was at the forefront of the rewards space on the island back in the ‘80s, their success was built on quality and value. High quality products with an added value of points. Operating since 1980, Kwiksave understood the need to digitise their scheme for continued success as a business. For this reason they teamed up with us in order to continue to do so. 

Through switching to an online rewards scheme with Loyale, the amount of users using the rewards scheme doubled by the same amount that had been previously subscribed to the scheme in just two years. 

Kwiksave DOUBLED its number of users from the 1980s by switching to Loyale in just TWO YEARS.

A fresh start for success

Before partnering with Loyale, Kwiksave’s system was a very manual system wherein customers had to bring in packaging materials of items purchased to receive points to be exchanged for gifts in store. Points could then be exchanged for free gifts at Homemate. They wanted a fresh start on their digital marketing offering, turning to us to improve their performance on campaigns and to help track and plan smarter customers journeys using our intelligent data analytics tools to help make more informed marketing decisions along the way. 

We developed Kwiksave’s mobile application in order to incentivise and engage with customers on a personal level. The application’s integration with Loyale’s interface allowed Kwiksave to optimise its targeting by relaying customer purchase behaviour through Loyale and analysing the data to make data driven decisions. 

A partnership for future growth

Kwiksave achieved great results with the help of Loyale’s reward marketing platform. We digitised their offering which set up the company for future growth by ensuring Kwiksave continues to familiarise themselves with their customers. We both continue to nurture the relationship built between us as a partnership to foster future growth and opportunities. 

Want to double the amount of users subscribed to your loyalty scheme and increase your customer retention? Take a look at our rewards marketing platform or simply contact us.