5 SEO Tips To Boost Your Website Ranking

Charlotte Baker


Published on 10th May 2022


Internet content is extremely valuable. Nowadays, almost everything we do online has some connection to searching and using Google’s services. Every day, a staggering 3.5 billion searches are in it, with the number going higher with each passing year. Companies need to be on the first page of search results to stay relevant. However, achieving a high website ranking is not as easy as it may seem. 

In this article, you’ll learn a few quick and simple ways how to get quick wins with low-hanging fruit SEO opportunities to improve your website rankings and authority. Low-hanging fruit provides quick gains and is a great way to get your website noticed by Google in the short term and start giving you some results to build on. 

By incorporating these SEO tactics into your strategy they will help you bolster your rankings and website authority which will help rank you better for search terms you want to rank for.

Below we outline 5 low hanging fruit tactics.

1. Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)

This tactic is related to keyword research that is designed to gain more traffic by finding underserved content topics by using the almighty keyword golden ratio.

What is KGR?

It is the amount of search modifier results of ‘allintitle’ for a specific keyword divided by the search volume of said keyword. Therefore, if you write content on good KGR terms you are most likely to rank fast for this content.

The formula is a follows: All in title search result / keyword search volume = KGR

It is a formula that shows if a target keyword is being underserved.

2. Search Console Piggyback Content

Again, this is another content opportunity.

One may use the query report to find keywords that have high impressions and low clicks. 

Another thing to consider is that the identified keyword doesn’t necessarily align with the page they are indexing for.

An example of this is when you have a website about shoes. One of the pages related specifically to ‘knee high boots’ but you find that this page is miraculously indexing for ‘calf length boots’.

In order to combat this problem, one should create a new page that focuses on calf length boots and then create an internal link from the knee high boots page to this new page. It’s as simple as adding a closing line such as  “see more knee high boots” and link directly to there.

Voila! A page that aligns with search intent with an internal link from the page that is currently indexing for that keyword. 

3. Search Console Page Optimisation

Use Google Search Console as a means of on-page optimization.  How to;

4. Use Keyword Tools To Find Trending Keywords

So this one is no secret. 

Search popular domains such as Reddit or Quora with your keyword tool of choice. Then filter by the keywords you want to rank for. Let’s stick to the shoe theme, filter it by ‘platform heels’ then filter again by ranking in positions 1 to 3. 

This will give you a list of keywords that you can use to rank fairly quickly. These terms are actually easy to rank for given that they don’t usually serve the search intent to the fullest extent.

5. LSI Keyword Internal Linking

Having a streamlined internal link strategy is often underutilised in most SEO strategies.

But let’s spin it differently.

Type in your primary keyword into your favourite keyword tool to give you a set of LSI keywords.

Use these LSI keywords as a framework when you want to create internal links back to the page you want to lift rankings for. 

To find these LSI keywords you can use Google search to find these terms on your website. Sticking to the shoe theme, the search modifier works as follows;

site: + “long tail”

Click on the result and send an internal link with that keyword from there back to the primary page you are optimising for. Done. 

The Wrap

Boom! There you have it, five tips to improve your website’s SEO ranking.

If you’re keen to know find out more tips check out our articles in our journal.
If you need help implementing these strategies we’d be happy to help guide you.