5 Reasons Why SEO Marketing is Awesome (and still relevant!)



Published on 1st December 2015


You’ve probably heard about SEO marketing and how important it is for businesses today. However, you’re probably wondering about how effective it actually is.

We’d like to start off by stating that SEO is not dead. It’s still as relevant and effective as when it first started out.

Here’s why investing in SEO marketing will rank (pun intended) among the best business decisions to date.

1. SEO is an investment and not a cost

What is it worth to you to see your traffic rise as you start to rank more favourably on Google and your conversion rate improve along with it? This is obtainable via sustained SEO and can provide a significant measurable return on investment.

2. It’s here to stay

Based on the way search engines seem to be evolving and developing, it is not likely that SEO will lose effectiveness any time soon. To a certain extent, video and image searches ultimately also depend on keywords just like their traditional text-based counterparts. This association ensures the longevity of your SEO endeavours.

3. It builds your brand

It comes as no surprise that in today’s digital age a virtual presence is of absolute importance. By combining it with other online marketing practices such as social media, branding and other complementary strategies, SEO can aid to strengthen and reinforce your image exponentially and provide significant ROI whilst remaining cost effective.

4. More presence, more traffic, more market share

Somewhere between 80 and 90% of new clients today will look you up online as their first point of reference. These numbers are always increasing. Additionally, it has been proven that the first three ranked websites on Google are the ones that receive the most clicks. Can you afford not to be easily found online? Without organic SEO in place, it will be very difficult for potential clients to find you before your competitors.

5. Brings you closer to the customer

A healthy and organic SEO marketing strategy will bring about valuable traffic to your website. By analysing the data available you will be able to review and extract crucial data and metrics for you to closer gauge your current audience. This data generally includes the way customers are searching and browsing, the language and technology they are currently using as well as the regions they live in. Digital activity is also logged by day and time to give you a deeper feel of the customer’s demands. Directing your website at the correct target audience and making it easier for these users to find your site could increase market presence, and of course, increased revenue.

How can you implement SEO marketing for your website?

SEO is a long process, however, these are the main steps in a nutshell – First, you must determine the search volumes and competitiveness of your chosen keywords to fine-tune your selection. Then, it’s time to start mapping out which keyword you want each page to rank for and updating the content accordingly.

You might have to create new pages to retain relevance or update the site structure to fit your new content. Once your plan is implemented, you can run a site audit and analyse the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Keep in mind that it can take 3 – 6 months to start seeing results. Other marketing initiatives also affect SEO since Google takes into consideration your overall traffic and user engagement.

Finally, it requires monitoring and maintenance due to Google’s changing algorithms, shifts in users’ search behaviour, potential competitor growth, and other factors outside of your control.

We can help you drive organic traffic by implementing an SEO strategy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!