4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website



Published on 17th May 2021


First impressions count, assuming the opportunity to make an impression at all. 10 years ago a digital presence would have created this opportunity, but today’s digital marketplace is so crowded that this is no longer enough.  The pandemic has simply accelerated business dependency on the Internet to survive and grow. The convenience and value added to the consumer is so evident that a reversal to previous norms should not be expected. 

A professional statement, that is, a website representing your business is absolutely critical. It is central to your digital investment, bringing together all your efforts on the multitude of social and other Internet platforms. It is an anchor, a connector, and a service delivery platform. Importantly, it is your persona, telling your client who you are.  

Here are 4 benefits of having a website:

1. Having a website makes you look more professional, credible and trustworthy 

Although social media is important in communicating your message, websites give you an established look, a sense of permanence and presence. Your content, updates and information are presented in an attractive and professional manner. Whether you are promoting a new product, communicating with your audience, collecting data for R&D or even simply keeping track of your orders and progress, having a website enables you to do all this under one platform, one go-to address.  

2. Websites are what clients look for and where they find you

Websites have become more sophisticated and integrated on the Internet, therefore you really cannot afford not to be present. One of the main benefits of having a website is that it increases your visibility which helps with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This provides an improved opportunity to be identified through massive search engines, especially Google. SEO is important as it makes you visible, allowing people to find you if they are looking for you or the product or service you provide. This also applies to non-commercial websites. Increased SEO provides that competitive advantage, the opportunity to make an impression.

3. They are required for successful target marketing

Traditional marketing is a hit and miss affair compared to digital marketing. Having a website makes it possible to transform your business through digital marketing. Websites are the funnel your visitors are channeled through, the place of conversion, taking an interested visitor to a paying customer. Simply put, this is the true value of a website, a 24/7 working business asset generating sales. Websites are globally visible, attracting more leads and increasing sales. Digital marketing methods, such as pay-per-click advertising (PPC), bring about a return on investment (ROI) to grow and sustain your business. Moreover, by gathering customer insights from your website you are able to communicate more effectively and frequently, such as through email marketing, timing promotions and offers that tip customers to the next purchase from anywhere in the world.

4. They are your opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and repeat business

Websites help to optimise customer interaction in as few steps as possible. Nowadays, people live such busy lives they don’t have the time or patience to wait. Websites that are easy to navigate, consistent and interesting have a better User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Customers are more likely to return to websites with a better UI and UX.

Like a plant needs water to flourish, your business needs a website to do the very same!

The benefits of having a website are endless. We have the experience, capability and tools to create and sustain you online.

Leave the technicalities of building and maintaining a stunning, responsive and business driven website to us. Focus on what you do best – business! Contact us today