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Lava Rewards


Lava rewards is a multivendor rewards application that was built on Loyale’s API.

Loyale is a rewards marketing platform that allows users collect and redeem points. It has become one of Malta’s most renowned rewards schemes.

The outlets listed on the application have a very broad audience, therefore the product needed to be flexible enough to appeal to different clientele. From the start and in close collaboration with our client, we wanted to create something that stood out. From naming to branding to designing and developing the app, we made sure that we executed each step meticulously.

91 k


Lava Rewards saw over 91,000 user sign up for their loyalty scheme

121 Million

Points Awarded

Over 121,00,000 points were awarded to Lava users for their purchases

55 Million

Points Redeemed

There have been over 55,000,000 points redeemed for rewards by Lava users

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