Logo Design

A logo constitutes an integral part of a company’s brand strategy. It works as a major visual representation and anchors the identity, purposes and goals of the company. A well-designed logo is an essential part of any business’ overall marketing strategy. Designing a good logo takes more than appealing typography and crazy zigzags. It requires a thorough study into the roots of the company, as well as familiarisation with the target audience and competitor market.

Design Brief

The whole process begins with... a friendly chat. Yes, we get a design brief based on your own vis ions and ideas. In the case of edesigning a logo or rebranding, we provide solutions that ensure the correlation between the new and the old. It is important that we get hold of existing brand guidelines that connect clients with the company. Bearing in mind that these guidelines constitute the roots ot every brand’s graphical representation, we create designs that let you be recognised and remembered.


Competitor analysis:

Once we have got to know you better, we become spies and start the investigation regarding the industry and your competitors. We analyse their strengths and weaknesses and define the key factors for distinguishing your brand on the market.

Trend analysis & Mood boards:

We are trend-obsessed and follow the news within the field of design on a regular basis. We use our knowledge and passion to bring you the best graphic solutions. In order to give you a better insight into the subject, we create a mood board. This artwork contains anything from colour palettes, logos to typography. They might only work as inspirations but they surely give you the first glimpse on your future logo.



Yes, we think digital but we also believe in the power of paper and pencils. The creative process starts with sketching our ideas. All the information that we have managed to gather are combined with our visions. This process eventually leads to creation of design prototypes. They work as iterations of the final design. They are modified and refined in a number of ways, until the most satisfying result has has been achieved.


The choice of typeface constitutes one of the most crucial parts of the entire process. A right font can emphasise the values of your brand, whereas a poorly-chosen type can evoke wrong associations. We know that typeface can either make or break the logo and we do not let the last happen.

Colour palette:

When we think of a certain brand our first association refers to its colours. The choice of the right palette defines your business, bringing immediate connotations to different sectors. Since we unconsciously link certain colours with different fields, we need to make sure your brand identity is not accidental. No randomness, only well-considered decisions.


Once we have done everything possible, we create a presentation for you. We carefully analyse the feedback and suggest newly customised designs. When the perfect logo has been chosen, the process of creation takes place again. We polish our project to the maximum, providing that you get a unique and functional design that will let your brand stand out from the crowd.

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