Mobile Applications: Is it time for your business to catch up?

Smartphone users spend over three hours of their day using their device. That’s over 20 hours in a week. Research shows that 90% of all smartphone activities happen over applications.

Think Malta  |  13.11.2019
Why should you update your website?

There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should change your website’s design, but the reality is that competition is fierce, and you don’t want to lag behind.

Think Malta  |  30.10.2019
5 Advantages a Designed Website Has Over Social Media

Why should one invest in a designed website when there are all these advantages on social media for free? We give insight into this debate with 5 specific points.

Samuel Borg  |  21.08.2019
Why Having a Strong Brand Matters

Branding encompasses all of the ways you establish an identity and an image of your company in your customers’ eyes. A powerful brand helps you to stand out and communicate what your company does. It ...

Nick Degabriele  |  29.01.2019
Rank your website first on Google: How Search Algorithms work

Over the years, searching the web has evolved and become more sophisticated. Google is constantly refining its algorithms to better understand your customers’ searches and provide them with the best r...

Neville Bezzina  |  08.11.2018
Why Your Customers Want You To Go Digital (and how to do it right)

Your customers are expecting you to go digital to help them accomplish their goals. Here’s why you should listen, and how you can pull of digital transformation successfully.

Neville Bezzina  |  28.06.2018
Rewarding Customers

I am sure you recognise them. Yes, they can take different forms but we know them all. We’ve known, collected and used them for years. From small cards with a template of empty boxes to be filled with...

Ania Wójcik  |  29.05.2018
AdWords: The Perfect Way To Earn/Lose Money

Here is the problem with AdWords - if offers you great ways of improving your company’ sales, at the same time being able to bleed you dry. Doubtlessly, it is an extremely powerful marketing tool that...

Ania Wójcik  |  15.05.2018
Is Rebranding Essential?

Imagine a situation when you need to present your business without using words. You are asked to show your company to the world but you cannot say anything. Instead, branding will do it for you.

Ania Wójcik  |  10.05.2018
Top 3 Web Development Stereotypes To Break NOW

I am not sure who you are but, for the sake of this article, I will assume you are NOT a web developer. My apologies if you are one, please do not feel discouraged from further reading because you mig...

Ania Wójcik  |  18.04.2018
Why Is Voice Search Turning SEO Upside Down?

Yes, we’ve all been a part of this voice search obsession. The topic has been featuring as one of the hottest among the tech-related issues for a few years already. We all know Siri, that for many has...

Ania Wójcik  |  20.03.2018
5 Web Design Trends That Will Take Over 2018

There’s always one trend that we all give in to. No matter how non-superstitious, alternative and simply hipster we are - we all do the same thing. We associate months with certain events. December? C...

Ania Wójcik  |  31.01.2018